Asheville Chocolate’s New Custom Sign Is Sweet

Creating custom signage for local businesses, like the one we recently completed for Asheville Chocolate, can be tricky, but fun. Tricky in the sense that you are dealing with someone’s brand identity, which calls for attention to detail like nobody’s business. Fun because you get to see that vision come to life in the most visible part of their business, which means seeing a smile on the client’s face if you’ve met that goal.

A month or two ago, Asheville Chocolate, located at 25 Broadway in downtown Asheville, asked us to create their sign to match their logo as part of a complete relaunch/rebrand. The sign includes the logo on a light purple background, surrounded by forged cacao pods, leaves, and flowers.

We worked with the owners to download their vision, then executed the sign, with Luci doing her magic on the welding and painting, then helping with the installation, which was tricky because the construct above the sign was made of plaster and it was hard to find an anchor point. The installation also required a little extra care on our part—the sign was heavy, the day was hot, and the leaves were sharp. (Ouch.)

The Asheville Chocolate custom sign is now visible as you walk down Broadway. Stop in and get chocolate sauced, as they say. 


Asheville Chocolate Sign, Beginning Stages

The beginning stages of building the Asheville Chocolate sign, including cutting and adhering the letters. 

Asheville Chocolate Sign, Woodwork Complete

Woodwork complete. Time to get to forging.

Asheville Chocolate Custom Sign, Cacao Pod

A cacao pod forged to match the drawing. 

Asheville Chocolate Sign, Painted

Luci matching the PMS colors of the logo with paint.

Asheville Chocolate Custom Sign, Installation Complete

Luci and I installing the Asheville Chocolate sign on Broadway.

Asheville Chocolate Sign, Complete


If you have a signage need, give me a call at 828-712-1996 or shoot me an email. Our signs can be seen all over Asheville, including main hanging signs and sidewalk signs downtown at Old Europe, Strada, Posada, April Cornell, Studio Chavarria, and more.