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Give Local, Handmade Gifts This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that fall is here and with it, the anticipation of the holidays. (What happened to September?) This time of year is one of the busiest and most fun times of the year for Matrix Design Group. Because this is the season of gift-giving, when customers come to us to create handmade gifts—something one of a kind, something local—for their loved ones. These types of projects are rewarding for us, both in the process of learning about our customers and finding that exact thing that is going to put a smile on the face (or sometimes a tear in the eye) of the one receiving it.

So when you are creating your Christmas list and want to show someone how much they mean to you, Matrix can help with handmade gifts that will blow doors on something you purchase from Amazon. Whether it’s as simple as a set of garden hooks or as dramatic as a custom sculpture, we got you. Get your orders in soon—handmade gifts take a bit more time to create!

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 12

Just in time for Halloween, this cute little forged owl keychain doubles as a can opener. 


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These roses make great gifts. We had one customer who purchased a dozen to give out to loved ones at a family reunion. They also appeared on the Bachelor TV show.

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Pottery by Luci Prestwood of Matrix Design Group is understated and elegant. Above, add sand to a votive for a pretty incense holder, below, unfinished pottery makes sweet votives or salt pigs. 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 258

Can you tell we love incense? This incense holder is made out of steel and is great for sticks or the compact kind that is so popular.

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Matrix Design Group Metal Owl Sculpture. We can make custom sculpture of virtually anything. 

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Forged metal hooks require no nails (see image below) and can be hammered directly into the wall. Great for keys near the door, and strong enough to hang potted plants.

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 99

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 12

Another custom forged hook. Perfect for holding kitchen utensils, keys, towels, plants, and more. 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 88

We love making knives at Matrix. Above, a forged letter opener. Below, an unfinished Damascus knife. Imagine what a great handmade gift this would make with a custom handle! 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 44

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 101

A Matrix Design Group original, custom tray made of metal scraps. 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville

Turned vases are beautiful gifts, each one unique in its markings. This one is made from a dogwood stump. 

Think outside the box with Matrix Design Studio time, which allows your loved one to spend several hours with Kelly Prestwood in his studio in Alexander, very near Asheville. They will come away with new crafting skills (forging, welding, turning wood, you name it) and a project to take home.


If you want to give something unique for your loved one this holiday season let’s get started. Give us a shout below: 

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