Handmade Custom Dining Room Tables for Thanksgiving

The holidays seem to be a time when people start to spruce up their home to prepare for parties, house guests, and the Thanksgiving feast. We get a lot of orders this time of year for handmade custom dining room tables from people who want something bigger or something that means a little bit more than what they might purchase from Pottery Barn or the like—not to mention local, made right here in Asheville. We’ve put together some of our favorite dining room tables (and custom bar) we’ve designed to show you the possibilities. The only real limit is your imagination, and that’s where ours takes over.

We’d love to sit down with you to discuss your lifestyle, your family, and come up with designs for a custom dining room table just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville

Contemporary ash tables with six rotating chairs that will raise and lower to accommodate all guests. 


Kelly Prestwood Asheville

Above and below, kitchen island with integrated knife holder and cutting board stations. Made with reclaimed white oak and walnut top and birch veneered front.


Kelly Prestwood Asheville 3

Another view of the kitchen island with integrated knife holder and cutting board stations.

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 4

Live-edge table and bench for a cozy dining spot!

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 6

A reclaimed white oak table with butterfly spline accents in a breakfast nook. 

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 7

This view is of a desk, not a table, but the concept can be applied to anything. It shows the detail of a steampunk-style quarter-sawn red oak desktop in which the customer wanted gears and mechanical motifs integrated seamlessly into the wood. 

The underside of a table, while not very useful for holding up a turkey and pumpkin pie, is interesting to look at for us furniture makers, if only to see how strong it is. This picture shows the underside of a table we made for an interior designer and its connection points.

Kelly Prestwood Asheville 10

This is actually a complete dining table. It is a piece of spalted maple that the client then covered with glass to complete the look.

See something you like? Want something completely new? Drop us a note and let’s get your project going. 

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