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Give Local, Handmade Gifts This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that fall is here and with it, the anticipation of the holidays. (What happened to September?) This time of year is one of the busiest and most fun times of the year for Matrix Design Group. Because this is the season of gift-giving, when customers come to us to create handmade […]

Handmade Custom Dining Room Tables for Thanksgiving

The holidays seem to be a time when people start to spruce up their home to prepare for parties, house guests, and the Thanksgiving feast. We get a lot of orders this time of year for handmade custom dining room tables from people who want something bigger or something that means a little bit more […]

Forged in the Fire: Philosophical Musings on Forging Steel

Blacksmiths live irregular lives. When you are forging steel to make your livelihood, you find yourself keeping odd hours, for one. When it starts heating up in the summer months, I forge all night and sleep some of the day. When it’s cold outside, I come out of hibernation like a bear blinking in the […]

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